Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our backyard in Summer...
Our backyard this week & the week before & the week before ....

While the snow is beautiful, I will be grateful to see our yard in Spring again.


  1. I love all the pictures. Your backyard is beautiful in both seasons, but I'm sure you are ready for some warm sun!

  2. Your yard is simply beautiful!
    I love the snow but am finally ready to see something green!

  3. your summer backyard is really pretty, you must work so hard to maintain it.

  4. Our back yard looks as it does because my dear husband has worked to get it this way. He took a blank canvas as it were and created a park. The grand-girls love it because there are walking places all around the yard and a small private place next to the privacy fence near the house. Fred loves being outside and it shows in our front & back yards.

  5. I love both views of your yard!!
    I can't wait for Spring to be in full bloom here!!
    Winter..well it's worn out its welcome