Thursday, March 6, 2008

John Piper, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis ( says this:
"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him".

I Cor. 10:31
Whether therefore you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Am I satisfied in Him when I drink a glass of water or eat a meal? How am I satisfied in Him by eating or drinking? By recognizing that He is the supplier of my food and drink and being thankful for what He supplies.

Am I satisfied in Him when I'm cleaning house and doing laundry and grocery shopping?
He gives the strength and energy to do all these things. They matter to Him too and He is glorified when I thank Him for the ability to do them.

Am I satisfied in Him when I'm having a no energy day and simply can't do what I'd like to do?
He knows these days will come and I've learned they allow my body to restore and refresh if I'll simply rest and let it happen.

Am I satisfied in Him regardless of all that is going on around me?
If I am, He is glorified.

Am I satisfied in Him regardless of what my health issues are?
If I am, He is glorified.

Am I satisfied in Him when people I love aren't saved and don't seem to care about the condition of their soul?
If I am, He is glorified.

Am I satisfied in Him enough to trust Him with absolutely everything?
If I am, He is glorified.

There's a singer/songwriter I know who wrote this song:
In my life Lord, be glorified, be glorified
In my life Lord, be glorified today.

At one time I naively thought He was best glorified when all was going well in my life. When everything seemed to be coming up roses and there wasn't a thing to be concerned about. Now I know that it is my satisfaction in HIM regardless of circumstances, that brings Him glory.


  1. Just was I needed to read.... thanks.

  2. A team from Hiper 's church visited our church 3 years ago.

  3. Michael English has a new CD there is a song that I love...
    "The only thing that's good in me is Jesus!"
    Beautiful and true!

  4. Thank you, Louise. How true this is!

    Are you familiar with poems of Annie Johnson Flint? She lived from 1866 to 1932 and suffered a great deal with severe rheumatoid arthritis.

    My mom did a lot of research and then republished her poems in 1999. I immediately thought of her when reading this post because her poems reflect just what you are talking about. Some of her words are from days gone by, but there is an amazing depth and beauty in her thoughts and in her complete satisfaction in Him, regardless of her circumstances.

    Oh, to some day be somewhere close...