Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Fred isn't feeling well again. His breathing was so bad late last night that I called 911 and our city EMT's took him to the hospital for treatment. I couldn't risk driving him myself as he was nearly in a panic attack on top of the asthma. I know first hand how quickly things can go from really bad to horribly worse and couldn't risk that by taking him to the ER on my own. The fact he didn't protest my calling them proved how ill he was.

Last night I saw something in his eyes and face that I've never seen in him in all the years we've been together .... fear. Honest-to-goodness fear ... fear that he was dying and there was nothing he or I could do to stop it. I hope I never see that in him again.

There's not much worse than not being able to breathe. I've experienced that too many times to count in my own life. It's like drowning to me. Fred said later last night it was as if someone had their hand over his mouth & nose and wouldn't let go. Whatever an asthmatic's explanation is, it's not good. None of it.

He's resting and for that I am thankful. We were home by 4 this morning but it was difficult getting to sleep. I kept touching him to make sure he was breathing.

If we didn't have the Lord to call on, what would we do? That's all I could do last night as I tried to calm my husband. Call on the One who could help and He did. Thank you Father.


  1. Oh! Weezy I will be praying for Fred, Anxiety caused me to have panic attacks and you cannot breathe and do feel like you are going to die!
    Not being able to breathe is horrible, the worst thing I ever experienced!
    Praying for you both to have peace and rest, I love you both!!

  2. After experiencing what both Hal and I went through in January - and the fear of not being able to take our next breath, I know just what you are saying.
    "If it had not been for the Lord on my side"...what would we do. I'm so glad I too can call out to Him.
    May God heal and restore... and give perfect peace and rest to both of you.

  3. You knew what to do and you did it -- more of us need to follow your lead. You'll be in my prayers. Take it easy....

  4. Just said a prayer for your Fred. :) I had prenatal asthma when I was pregnant with my son 24 years ago, so I know how horrifying it can be to not be able to breath. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. I keep stumbling onto your blog, Thank you for always touching my heart. :)



  5. Hope and pray Fred is feeling better. It must be awful to go thru that experience.

    love, Amrita

  6. Louise, I am praying for both of you. How much you have been through! I'm just glad that you know where to go for help, because you are right, where would we be or how could we cope if we didn't have the Lord to call on?