Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick update ... David had to go back to the surgeon Tues. morning .. two stitches had opened and they had to be re-stitched. He learned the 3 hernias are all 'new' ones ... the repair surgery for the first one is still intact. He also told me his landlord is talking of selling the house they're renting .. and they can't afford to buy it ... not sure what will happen next.

My Fred is sick ... started with sinus, but he's now doing breathing treatments due to asthma ... yes, he has it too.

I am tired ... and have felt as though I've been mentally assaulted this week ... have you ever felt that way? I realize it's the enemy of my soul, doing his job, but boy, some days it's just rough going.

I need to take me to bed .. been up since 6am and this body is telling me it's time to lie down and rest.

My love and thanks to you all.


  1. Louise,
    I am continuing to pray for David and have added Fred and YOU - that the Lord gives you an extra portion of strength - that He renews you --just like the eagle - so you'll soar on the wings of His wind!!

    I've read other books by Eldridge - The Sacred Romance - my all time favorite! I have not read the one you mentioned -I'll have to add it to my list!

  2. Hi Louise! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog and for being concerned about me. I am okay, just drained and needing to back off on doing quite so much. I hope to get back to normal soon. Coral is much better, and how I am is all wrapped up in that!

    I have been catching up with your news tonight and will be praying for David. I know how painful the recovery from multiple hernia repair can be, as my mother-in-law recently went through that. I'll be praying for him, too, that he will heal quickly.

    Rest up, my dear friend. You have had a lot on your plate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our time and how we choose to spend it... I have had many of the same thoughts, and I pray that I will learn to please the Lord in this area too.

  3. Mentally assaulted, that 's how I also feel attimes Louise.Then I launch into a panic attack too.

    Pray David heals well and Fred too. All this must be too much for you I understand.

  4. Goodness have a a rough few weeks! Praying for your Fred and for David's situation. I know that God will provide something better for his family.
    And I am especially praying for you, for when we are mentally assaulted it effects everything that we do. Trouble is it makes me not want to do a thing and yes, It's something I've battled with.
    i love you sweet friend.

  5. My Goodness, David sure has his share of repairs! I will continue to keep him in my prayers.
    I am trusting the Lord to provide the right place to move...sometimes what seems like a road block can turn into a door opening.
    Rest up my friend, I intend to do the same.