Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thinking of Pat

As I begin my daily routine for a Wednesday, my thoughts are with Pat and her family as her Mom is to be taken home from the hospital today. It is sheer God-goodness and grace that He allows us to be in one place and yet possess the ability to pray for others when they are miles away. Thankfully, God isn't limited to anything and I know He is with those who are hurting. We serve an awesome Saviour and He is good, all the time. Even in our pain and distress He brings peace and calm. His precious Holy Spirit lives within His children and He is our Comforter.
Father, I come to You and I lift to You my sisters and brothers in Christ ... Pat & Hal; Sara & Dean & their sons; Amy & Rob; Trish & Tom & their girls, and others I've not met ... Lord, You know just what they're thinking and feeling this day. Let them know that You are with them ... that You knew of this day years before any of them were born and You will graciously walk with them through whatever the days may hold. You are an awesomely good and gracious God and nothing is too hard for You. Be their Peace. Their Comfort. Their Calm. Draw them close into You and allow them to weep there. Give them assurance that this is but a Home-going for one who has been loved and who loved deeply those You gave to her. Allow them to rejoice that they will live with her for Eternity!
For those of us who know and love these people, let us, as we go about about our day, think of them often and lift their names to You in precious prayer. Thank You that they are as close as our thoughts and You span the miles between us. Thank You that we can come to You and ask all these things in the mighty, precious Name of Jesus. Amen.