Friday, November 23, 2007

Just so you know....

I did not join the maddening crowds of shoppers at 4:00 this morning. At that time of the morning I was sound asleep and thankful to be so. I did not join the crowds at 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. either. I have kept myself in the house, doing a bit of Christmas decorating, a bit of laundry, a bit of inside window washing and a bit of resting. All in all this has been a wonderfully normal day and for that I am thankful to Almighty God. I have however, thought of Pat and her family, and prayed for them and for others who are having a difficult time.

This may sound overly simple to many of you, but it dawned on me last evening that sometimes all I can do to help people is pray for them. I so want things to be better for those I love but I cannot make that happen; only God has that power. The thought then came to me: Am I expecting Him to use that power when He answers my prayers? Am I expecting Him to answer as He sees fit and according to His will in the matter? Am I willing to patiently wait for Him ... to trust Him explicitly to move in the hearts and lives of people? I want to! And beginning today, Lord willing, I will do just that. Tell Him what's bothering me; tell Him what He already knows about the folks I love and, as Sara said recently in a post, ask Him to "fix them". Only He can do what needs doing in the lives of people. Only He knows what holds them in bondage and only He is the bondage breaker. I am to ask, seek and knock and look to Him to give answer, let us find Him, and open doors.

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  1. I like you did not go near a store today! Never do, I want No part of the madness.
    Watched the Grandbabies and came home and did a few things.
    We pray for those we love, you are right... only God can fix them. We have to be patient and let Him.