Monday, November 12, 2007

For Thara...

I have decided that today is officially "Thara Day!" A blogging/family/friend who is wise beyond her years whether she realizes it or not. A lady who is not a'skeered to speak her mind or travel to Greektown in the Big D area of our state.

Yes, indeedy, this day is proclaimed "Thara Day!"

Dear Sara, I want you to know how much your posts have meant to me. Words don't adequately express the joy and wisdom I've received from reading what you write. You are gifted in ways I don't think you even comprehend. Maybe you do and you're just too humble to admit it. If so, that too is a gift. I have wept and smiled and chuckled and laughed at loud when I've read your posts. I have stopped to pray for you or pray for others as I've read what you've written. I admire you for your forthrightness and boldness. I praise God that He created you and put you on this earth at the same time I'd be here.

You, Ms. Thara, are one of God's gifts to me and to others and to this Earth! May you come to know how wonderful you are in my eyes and in the eyes of our Father.

Dear God in heaven, bless my friend today with Your presence. Meet each need and fill her to over-flowing with Your precious Spirit. Give her wisdom and discernment in each aspect of her day. Guide her steps and direct her path. Let her see herself as You see her: Cherished Child of God; Unblemished; Untarnished; Sanctified; Righteous in Christ Jesus; Wholly Yours; Elected and Predestined to belong to Your family. Fulfill Your purpose in her life. Give her joy unspeakable and allow her to rest under the shadow of Your wings. Amen.

I love you Thara.


  1. you honor me, my friend. i love you too loo-eeth.

  2. My day started at 6am on a pretty low note. This brought it back up.
    Thank you Louise, for all that love in your heart. Thara's Mom sends hugs you way.

  3. You are truly both gifts from God in my life! Just wanted you to know that. I so appreciate ALL my blog / Christian family!!!

  4. Sara, You are a blessing to so many people. I agree with Louise. You are a gift to the vodu of Christ with wisdom far beyond your years. I am thankful to know and love you and pray for you too!