Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013

Good evening dear ones. It has been a cold day here in Michigan and I am thankful I've been able to stay in the house. I have changed sheets & done some laundry; baked Mini Apple Pies (very good by the way IF you remember to grease the pans!); heated up leftovers and made cornbread to go with said leftovers for dinner; folded three loads of clothes and sterilized my nebulizer equipment. No wonder I'm tired.

I will leave you with this:

The 10 Marks of the Holy Spirit in a Believer
1. The Spirit awakens a person’s heart.
2. The Spirit teaches a person’s mind.
3. The Spirit leads to the Word.
4. The Spirit convinces of sin.
5. The Spirit draws to Christ.
6. The Spirit sanctifies.
7. The Spirit makes a person spiritually minded.
8. The Spirit produces inward conflict.
9. The Spirit makes a person love the brethren.
10. The Spirit teaches a person to pray.
These are the great marks of the Holy Spirit’s presence.
 Put the question to your conscience and ask:
Has the Spirit done anything of this kind for your soul?
~ J.C. Ryle~
May your night be blessed,
and may you worship with other believers tomorrow.

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