Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm back, thank the good Lord.

Dear Ones,

What a journey I've been on since I last wrote anything.

As some of you know, I suffered a stroke, actually bilateral strokes, on July 10. The day I came home from the hospital from the first time I had been there. I was admitted on July 5 for the pain. On July 7 I had a scope put into my stomach to see what was going on there...turned out I had non-erosive gastritis; then the spinal nerve block on July 8 to help with the foot pain (and it did, praise the Lord!).

I was released July 10, had been home about 3 hours, and while my husband went to the market I called my Mom. And just like that, I couldn't happened so quickly. She knew what was happening, and called our son Shawn who lives just 4 houses from us. He called 911 and then went to get his Dad. His wife stayed here with me.

The next thing I knew the fire rescue squad was here and they took me to a local hospital. I was transferred last that night to Henry Ford Hospital downtown. I can remember some things, others not so much.

An MRI was done late Sunday nite and it showed bilateral strokes, with things going every-which way in my brain. I couldn't talk and my right side was affected...I didn't know the severity of it and I'm glad I didn't.

There is so much I could write and perhaps I will, later on. I am blessed to tell you that I have regained my speech, albeit slowly at times. But that' s okay...slow is good. My speech therapist said that we have a tendency to talk too fast anyway. After leaving the main hospital, I was transferred to Wyandotte Rehab and spent a full week there. Most of my body has returned...some parts are numb and weak, but I can live with that also. "When we are weak, then He is strong" ... I've truly learned what that means.

As I said, there is much I could write, but mostly I want to share prayer requests with you:

#1. My neighbor, MaryAnn, is battling 3 types of cancer
#2. Tony & his wife Margaret & their daughters ... a rough family situation
#3. My nephew still on drugs, please ask the Lord to free him and bring him to faith in Christ.

I will close for now. Hope you are all well.


  1. Louise! Oh, I am so HAPPY you are home and doing well enough to update us! I can't count the times that our Lord laid it on my heart to pray for you and I had even wondered if you were still with us. I decided you must be if God wanted me to pray for you. I'm so relieved to see you posting again, but so very sorry for the struggle you went through. I will continue to pray for you, dear friend. Much love to you, t.

  2. Dear Louise you have been through a lot. But praise god for you r healing and recovery.

    May you regain your health and strength day by day.