Friday, October 29, 2010

A new day

A new day...a new way to look at things.

Yesterday I had to go for a phlebotomy, and after trying 4 veins and getting only 50cc
of the needed 250cc the nurses decided to call it quits. My veins it seems, are old and tired. Like the rest of me some days.

While I was there, a nurse called my hemotologist's nurse and she said an appointment would be set up for me soon to have a Picc line put in. This gives long term access to a vein near the heart and the sight for putting that in is usually the upper arm. You nurses will know what I'm talking about.

I've known this was coming, so why did it affect me the way it did? Because while we say we know something might 'some day' come, when it's reality, it's a different story.

While I was at the cancer center, I commented to the nurse that all you have to do is look around to find someone in worse shape than you are. Her answer to me was "but then again, most cancers are treated and people go on with their lives ... when you have a chronic, life-long condition, it's often harder to deal with" ...

Chronic and life-long ... that's what I have, two conditions actually. Sometimes I wish that chemo or radiation could help them. Then I could get on with my life!

But it is what it is and while I've prayed and asked God to take them away, or at least make them less bothersome, the answer I get is that His grace is sufficient. And I can honestly say that I am learning that for perhaps the first time in my life. And it isn't my life I need to get on with's living to bring glory to Him. That's all that matters. When I am weak, then I am strengthened with His grace and that's all I need.

Today is a new day...His mercies are new this morning! He gives strength for us when we need it, not before. And how would we ever know we need it, if we weren't weak?

Blessings friends! We're almost Home.

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