Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Updates on baby Carson & Timmy:

Carson will have a spinal tap ... it's baffling that the flu has caused infection in the bones in his feet and now this

Timmy: Is now running a fever and has pneumonia; dr's think it's from the flu

Also, please pray for Geraldine Perkins & her family. She has health needs and her family is concerned for her.

Thanks & blessings.

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  1. So much sickness Weezy...praying for these little ones and their families.
    Please pray for my Mama she is having surgery today. She broke her foot 4 months ago and they thought it had healed. But, she was still having pain and swelling so they did a CAT Scan...the bone isn't fused. It was just fibrous tissues that had formed around the bone. So, they are putting a steel plate to keep it in place. Thank you.