Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you for praying for my Mom's neighbor ... Trish, she lives two doors from my Mom.
I've not fallen off the earth Ladies, just been occupied with other things the past few days and simply haven't made time to post on the blog. I've just caught up with all your posts and am grateful you're still there.

I appreciate Sara's posts so much ... and Pat, bless you for your honestly in dealing with depression. I struggle with that at times and this morning was one of them ... I feel absolutely fine for a while and then the bottom seems to fall out for some unknown reason. I simply attribute it to all the health issues I have and do my best to make the most of it; but, if it worsens I shall be talking with my doctor about it.

Something I need to work on is procrastination ... especially with the children's class I help teach. I worked most of Saturday on a craft project to give them. To save the church money, I do things I find online and buy materials myself. Saturday I was printing stickers on sticker paper rather than go buy them. Saturday also taught me it may benefit me and my time to buy supplies and then turn in the receipt! I don't know why I'm like this, I've always done this when I've taught a children's class and it's only added stress to what should be a blessing. May I not only learn from this, but follow through!

My love to you all.


  1. Good to hear from you again! I find that it's almost more costly to use up my ink printing things then paying for it already done..but I fully understand your thinking.
    Health issues can certainly cause depression..I know when I'm feeling especially bad from my fibromyalgia, it's much easier to feel depressed. Just aging alone makes this body sad!!
    love you!

  2. Procrastination is like the thorn in my flesh. I'm usually pretty on top of things --but if I neglect something and then find myself facing a deadline --I just get downright nasty because I'm so angry with myself for not getting something done on time!

  3. Weezy...we find the dollar tree and family dollar to be sooo time and money saving when buying supplies for our Sunday School class. The less stress for me the better!!!!

  4. Pray all is well Weezy! I always miss hearing from you. Check out Kell's Project 365 photo's. There's one of your Perri!
    We just found out this week that my sister Pam has breast cancer. Thankfully it is the least invasive type, very small and contained. She will have a lumpectomy April 21st and start radiation treatments afterwards.
    Please keep us in your prayers?
    Love you lady,