Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hi Friends,

My Mom called me this evening and asked that her neighbor, JoAnn, be prayed for. She has cancer and has 3 major chemo sessions to go; however, she's dealing with such tremendous pain that she's asked God to let her die. According to doctors, all her vitals are good at this time. Mom is going to ask her if she & I can come & pray for her personally.

Thank you!


  1. Dear Louise I prayed for JoAnn. May this lady find release from her pain.

  2. Oh what a sad and hurting request. I will certainly keep her and those who love her in my prayers. May God comfort and give strength and peace, and may JoAnn's be held in His precious arms and know that she is loved.

  3. Weezy...is JoAnn the lady that lives next door to your Mom? I will be praying.