Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi Ladies, please forgive my slowness in blogging. Have been working on a project for my Mom and got it finished & gave it to her yesterday. I had taken her older photos and put some in an album; put the others in a nice box and she likes both. I have promised myself "no more projects for awhile"; at least not any that I don't absolutely have to do!

Last night was a bit rough with asthma and coughing. I have spasms that make me choke as I'm trying to cough and it's very difficult to catch my breath. Needless to say, rest & sleep were a bit fitful. Hopefully tonight will be better. We did go to church this morning and I'm thankful we did as the Pastor's sermon was on 'Lessons from the Trials of Paul'. We can learn much from that blessed Apostle if we'll take the time to study his life and ministry.

My Mom's neighbor Joann isn't doing well, in fact hospice has been called in to care for her. However, Mom's cousin Ginny is home and recovering! Thank you all for praying for these ladies.

On a serious note ... how do you deal with some of the issues that face us today? I'm specifically talking about friends who are 'gay' ... others who are living with a boyfriend or girlfriend with no intentions of getting married? There's an event coming up and people in both circumstances will be there. How would you handle it?

I've given much thought to this and what I've come up with is that I'm to show the love and mercy of God to them, and if the occasion arises, tell them in a loving manner that their life styles have consequences that will matter for eternity; that there is a way out and an Answer in the person of Jesus Christ if they will turn to Him. I can't save them, but I can point to the One who can. I'm not sure how this event will turn out (I'll let you know), but I would appreciate your input before it happens.

We're facing situations unlike any in my memory ... gay lifestyles ... living together ... lack of morality and values ... and yet, when I read the Old Testament, these things have been going on almost since the beginning of time. There truly is nothing new under the sun .. what's new is the generations of people dealing with these things. The only difference is that God, back then, more often than not took immediate action and 'cut off' the offenders quickly while they were still in their sin; but told them first that they had brought these repercussions on themselves! There were times when he delayed punishment because of His promises to their fore-fathers, but payment did come and people did die.

Many today no longer fear God ... even some in Christian circles have made Him into something He's not ... we think that if we believe certain things about Him than they must be true and never take the time to line up our thoughts with Scripture to see if they balance. I am grateful to God to be alive right now, I couldn't have made it for long had I lived in Old Testament times. He's a fierce Warrior and revenge belongs to Him and it's coming on this earth as surely as I sit here tonight.

Because people openly, blatantly sin and get away with it, they think every thing's fine and that if there is a God, He's either not really concerned or is accepting, otherwise, wouldn't He do something? The scary thing is, He is doing something! And He's going to do something!

Not sure why I got off on this tonight, but I'd sure appreciate your thoughts.

My love to you all, and may you have a good night's rest.


  1. Good you got your Mom 's project done.

    Pray your friends get better.

    I don 't approve of gays or live-ins.

  2. Weezy...we sure face alot of things nowadays. Yes, it's gone on since the beginning but never before have people been so open about their lifestyles. I have the same things going on ...someone close to me is now a lesbian, after being married and having a son. And we all have loved ones living in sin with no need for marriage. I just love them, treat them the way I always did...Jesus would...but we cannot
    accept it as the norm even though this world does. I agree with the way that you will handle it...lovingly.