Wednesday, July 4, 2007


It's early Wed. morning and my hemotologist called a bit earlier. Seems my platelets are in the normal range but hemoglobin isn't. I'll see the Dr. tomorrow & get a script for phlebotomy. I did not expect this, haven't had to have this done in a few months but isn't much of life dealing with the unexpected? As my son told me a few weeks ago: Life is 10% what you're given and 90% how you handle it. Help me handle this Father to Your glory.

When I got home from Mom's yesterday it was to find my dear hubby had cut down a small tree in the back yard - he should NOT be doing things like that. We worked a few minutes doing some clean up and then I put a stop to it. Told him I would bundle it, but he wasn't using the chipper/shreader any longer, too much exertion for him. For me to tell him this was unexpected on his part, but that's life. Until his heart condition is under control there is no way he can do work like that.
Help us Father deal with the unexpected that comes our way.

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