Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let me remember...

When I'm really old and greyer than I am now, let me remember:
Grand-girls wanting to spend the night with Gramma & Papa. Their listening to my silly songs and stories. Their wanting to help me bake or cook and making a wonderful watery mess as they did the dishes. Giggles from no where and for no reason. Their sharing their hearts with me and telling me I'm the best Gramma in the world. Telling them "I love you more" in sign language. Watching them sleep, safe and sound in their room in our home and praying for God to keep them that way. The three of us snuggling on the couch to watch HGTV or Animal Planet. Listening to Erica read to me and being amazed at the intelligence of all our grand-girls. (Make them truly intelligent in what matters for eternity Lord).

Let me remember all this and more and if I get to the place I can't remember much at all, let me remember that I loved and was loved by those who mean the most to me.
Thank You Lord for Jake, Miss Cheeks, Little Pie. Scooter & Miss Beasley.

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