Monday, July 9, 2007

Sam is gone...

Our Sam was put to sleep this afternoon. Bless this big puppy dog’s heart, he did his best to keep going, even when his legs gave way and he had to drag himself into the living room. Shawn said Sam fought the shots the vet had to give him. I wanted to be there, but after hearing this, I don’t think I could have dealt with it. I would have been yelling for the vet to stop … leave him alone, he wants to live .. I want him to live just a while longer, please! My imagination runs rampant anyway. Seeing things only makes it worse. I loved this dog so much. I love them all.

Stef & Erica said their good-byes with Fred and then came here until it was over. Fred said Stef cried for 30 minutes as he sat next to her, cradling her with his arm. I imagine he cried right along with her. He was dealing with a near panic attack by the time I got home from Mom’s. If it wasn’t for me taking Uncle to his doctor’s appt. I would have been here, at least for the girls.

Brian brought his Explorer & he and Shawn took Sam for cremation. Oh God. It hurts to see our animals suffer. It hurts like heck to have to put them to sleep. But thank You for letting me love these dogs, walk these dogs, feed these dogs, talk to these dogs all these years. May we please have them with us for all eternity, when You create the new heavens and the new earth, let them be there. Please.

Sam had many nick-names: Hamson; Hammy Sam; Horton to name a few. Jane would "talk" for them and her words fit Sam’s & Buster’s personalities perfectly. How we’ll miss you Sam…wait and watch for me, for us. I’ll sure as heck be looking for you and Casey and Brit.

Let him run Lord … run like the wind … no pain, no stiffness, no dragging his legs. Let him run.

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