Saturday, April 9, 2011

A better god?

"A better god has been discovered by the heretics: one who never takes offense, is never angry, never inflicts punishments, has prepared no fire in Gehenna, and requires no gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness! He is purely and simply 'good.' He forbids all delinquency-but only in word, for sake of appearances, so that you may seem to honor God. For He does not want your fear."

Tertullian, 200 AD

I copied this from Randy Alcorn on Facebook today...and it fits perfectly with what is happening in our country...few believe what the Bible says and those who do are considered 'out of step' with reality. We, as God-fearing, born again believers, are in the minority. We are prompted to fit in with the seeker-sensitive movement, whose God is pretty well described above.

What happened? I personally think we've gotten away from teaching the Word of God to teaching specifically for those who have itching ears. And those of us who do desire the sincere meat of the Word find ourselves going hungry all too often.

May God have mercy on us. We pray for our country, we pray for our military, (as we should);  we pray for comfort and convenience, but do we really pray to the God who created this universe and all it holds to BE the LORD of all? For if He is LORD, we, His slaves, will be inconvenienced and uncomfortable and we may not see peace as we'd like it. He comes to bring a sword. He comes to divide. But we have forgotten that.

May God have mercy upon us. May we draw ever close to Him. May things of this earth be held ever so lightly so that we may release them freely and quickly should He ask us to. May our lamps be filled with oil and He not find us lacking when He comes.

Father, be merciful to us, Your children.

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