Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Would you believe I'm still dreaming about being in the cabin in TN? Every night since we've been home I wake (sort of) to go to the bathroom and have to tell myself "I'm home..the bathroom is this way, not that way." It's amazing how the mind works.

Haven't been on the blog much, have been busy with other things since we got home. Time seems to be flying and if I don't make a list on busy days, well, it's best that I do. The grandgirls and I did errands this afternoon; then I did grocery shopping before dinner. My Fred usually goes with me but he was busy here ... he plans on leaving tomorrow for a few days in Ohio visiting his brother. I'll have the girls and Louis the grandpup all to myself for much of the day but evenings (Lord willing) will be mine. I so enjoy quiet, alone time every now and then.

I had to go downtown to Henry Ford Hospital last Friday to have an IV of Vitamin K. Seems my clotting factors were high and after bloodwork & discussing things with my hematologist he deemed it best to have an IV done ASAP. I've been bruising badly and the blood work showed why. The dr. thinks it's due to the other med's I take ... so he reduced one (for platelets) and I have to eat more dark green vegetables. I went yesterday for additional blood work & will find out tomorrow what's what. I look at this body and all that goes on and think "How do I describe all this to anyone who doesn't know me very well?" Many people just can't understand, especially if they've never had health issues.

Oh, I wanted to let you know that all that worrying I did about the Army Reunion was needless. Worry usually is, isn't it?

The first evening's meal went quite well and the people were very nice. There were only ten of us; not everyone came. It was more relaxed than I thought it would be and I had the privilege of sitting with the Colonel (that my Fred served under in Korea) and his wife Elsie. They are both 80 yrs old and have lived fascinating lives. They call three of the first astronauts 'friends of the family' .... Gen. Abrams was a personal friend ... the Colonel is a man of wisdom, knowledge and integrity and graciously honored the men who served under him. There's so much I could say about them; perhaps another time. I could listen to him & his wife for hours and not be bored.

I didn't make it to the cook-out on the second day. My left foot & leg had begun to swell while we were in TN and by Saturday morning in GA they looked quite bad. I spent the afternoon in the motel room with my feet propped up while Fred went to the cook-out for awhile. He then decided that rather than do the brunch on Sunday we'd leave for home instead so I could get to a Dr. on Monday. The dr. wasn't sure why the swelling happened ... it's gone down now but there's still some pain in my foot & ankle.

All in all, it was a good trip. I learned that I am too prideful and too concerned about what others think of me. I learned I should relax and just BE who I am. I learned that there are some neat people out there if we'll just give them a chance. I learned that conversations flow best when you allow others to talk about themselves ... and they gladly will if given the chance. And I learned that when God orchestrates our steps there's no need to worry or fret.

I shall go for now ... morning comes early tomorrow. I'll take my Mom for a hearing test, then get home to the girls so Fred can leave for Ohio. Hopefully I can make it to Bible study tomorrow night at church.

Blessings to you all! G'nite.

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  1. Howdy Weezy...how did your Mom's hearing test go? I haven't talked to her in awhile. Peg sees her in Church and says she is busy caring for Dora. Miss her tough!
    Praying for you Dear Friend...for your foot, your clotting factors and that the Lord will give you strength and health come winter.
    So happy to hear that you had a nice visit and things went well at Clyde's Army Reunion dinner. You are right, let people talk and things will flow. Enjoy your evenings alone...I know i look forward to mine!
    Love You Much!