Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hi All,

Mom's hearing tests showed she needs two hearing aids. Lord willing I'll take her back next week to get them.

My Fred left yesterday for Ohio, he plans on coming home late Saturday evening. I've been taking care of the girls ... had 4 of them today. They get along so well and played all afternoon together.

Stef is excited about her classes and her friends in school. They went to meet the teachers last night and she learned Maddy is in her class so she's happy. Amazing that Stef's Grandma and Maddy's Grandma are long-time friends; that I knew Maddy's Mom when she was about Stef's age! God works in such wondrous ways, doesn't He?

I'd like to go visit Henry Ford Museum on Monday, Labor Day ... it's free admission from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Not sure yet if the foot could handle all the walking. We'll see.

FINALLY got caught up on all the laundry & ironing from vacation! Ended up donating a few things back to the thrift stores from whence they came, others I will put in my Mom's upcoming yard sale.

Please pray for two of my sisters: Pat will have a hysterectomy later this month and Linda will be having back surgery either the end of this month or the beginning of October.

Also please pray for Jeremy & Kerri ... an unspoken request.

I'm takin' me to bed ... it's been a long, wonderful day and I'm rightfully tired.

Blessings & g'nite.


  1. Maddy was happy to learn that Stef is once again in her class. Will be praying for Pat, Linda, Jeremy & Kerri. Have a good rest my friend.

  2. Maddy was beyond thrilled that Stef is in her class!