Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayer Needs 9/26/08

Recently we came to know of an ex-Christian Muslim lady. Her maid does some work for us. Mrs Noori knows our family very well. Some of my relatives taught her in school.

She grew up in a traditional Christian home.Her other siblings married non-Christians and she married a wealthy Muslim and converted to Islam. She is a widow and before dying her husband made her promise that she would raise their children according to the Muslim faith. He even took her to Mecca on a holy pilgrimage.

We asked the maid to find out her Christian name, but she does not want to disclose it. Her college going son does not want her to reveal to anyone that she is from a Christian background.
She told her maid that she sometimes goes to a church in the suburbs of our town.Her daughter married a Christian pilot and lives in Goa. The son is very displeased with that. Mrs Noori goes to Goa to celebrate Christmas with her daughter.

The maid told us that Mrs Noori has converted a spare bedroom into a Christian prayer room. She has a cross on the wall, maybe some Catholic pictures (the maid is uneducated, so she can 't describe it well) and a Bible. She cleans the room and locks it.

Sept was the holy month of Ramadan for the Muslims in which they fast and pray and indulge in good works. Mrs Noori does not fast but she sends food to the Mosque ,her Muslim friends and maid.

Her daughter and son have come to celebrate Eid (Oct 2nd) with her. Tomorrow is the last Friday of the fasting month so she is going to have a special feast in the evening for her family, friends and give food to the mosque and poor people.

It breaks our hearts to see that this woman who must have gone to church in her growing up years has rejected Christianity and has wholeheartedly embraced Islam, although she is trying to pacify her conscience by maintaining a Christian prayer room in her house.

I sent her Christian literature through the maid. She accepted it and said that she would read it after Ramadan and Eid We are praying that she will do that and God 's Word may touch her heart.

Pray with us for Mrs Noori.
Love, Amrita

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  1. Thank you for posting this Louise.

    The churches of Allahabad have recieved an attack threat for this Sunday. Uphold us in prayer.