Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Ladies, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind responses to yesterday's post. I saw my Mother-in-law again this morning for just a few minutes and gave her a hug. The Lord has much to teach me if I'll be open to His leading and His voice. Your understanding surely helps, thank you!

I read this in one of my old journals today:

"What you can't give up becomes your ball and chain"

Such appropriate timing, finding that sentence, as I'm going through my office, sorting and emptying and organizing all kinds of stuff. But it applies to more than physical stuff, doesn't it? It can apply to habits and chocolate and all kinds of sweets ( I love 'em, way too much). It can apply to grudges and anger and misplaced motives. Those words have made me look at this office in a new way today. They have also made me look at me again. Seems I'm doing a lot of that lately. Must need workin' on more than I realized.

I gotta run ... husband is calling!
Love you all!


  1. God bless you Louise.Love to ya.

  2. You are so welcome Dear Weezy!
    That's what friends are for!!!

  3. Hey Weezy,
    Pray all is well... miss you!

  4. Lousie,

    Just checking in to see you are o-kay. Hope things are well with you.

  5. Weezy,
    I pray all is well, I miss your words of wisdom Dear Friend!
    Just checking in to see about you and Fred.

  6. I've found that to be VERY true in my life-not letting things go, forgiving, you become a slave to carrying it around. And its so heavy.
    God is good. Bless you!