Sunday, December 16, 2007


Reading Pat's blog reminded me of our neighbors and how blessed we are to have them, well most of them anyway. Our son Shawn told his Dad last night not to be moving snow, that he'd come down & take care of it at some point today. Well, before he got here this morning, Fred looked outside to see a neighbor from across the street, Greg, using his snow blower to clear our driveway. My Fred has been the neighborhood snow remover for years, but due to his health issues, that's on hold for awhile.

Shawn lives just four homes down the street from us, and came down shortly afterward Fred saw Greg outside. Together Shawn and Greg cleared not only our sidewalk and driveway, but also Mr. Larry's, the 80 yr. old man who lives next door to Greg. And then they did Greg's and then Shawn's. Shawn told me later his Dad was in the garage as they worked being Supervisor, and I explained it was in his blood, he couldn't help it.

We've lived here almost 21 years and my Fred knows every neighbor on the entire block. When he walks, he also talks, to anyone who'll listen. He's amazed me again and again with his knowledge of people who live here. And it's not just our street, it's around the block and then the next block and the one after that. I'd like to say that all our neighbors are really nice folk, but to be honest, some I could live without. Not many, thankfully, but a couple could move on and not bother me a bit.

The thing is, they do live here and we live here too, and for a reason. Fred and I are to let our lights shine. We're to witness to the goodness of God whenever possible and do unto others as we'd have them do unto us. We're to love our neighbors as we love ourselves ... look out for their best interest as much as we do our own. I've not lived up to this as I ought, but I'm trying. And it's so good to walk or drive down our street and have someone wave or say hello, knowing we share a common bond as neighbors.


  1. I really only communicate with 3 of my neighbors, i spend my time on back porch so I don't see too many people. Some I care not to be too social with, too nosey for my taste!
    Growing up though our neighbors were family, they congregated together in the evenings under our shade tree, and were always there when someone had a need!
    Southern people are still that way,
    they speak even if they don'e know you and it's always Ma'am or Sir,
    how gracious they are!

  2. Accepting every one just as they are was my Mom's last lesson she left to me. It was a lesson she didn't learn herself till her last days - but a very important one. I've had it "shouted" to me lately - I guess my ears needed cleaning - but I hear it loud and clear right now. Being neighborly is part of that lesson.
    Love you my friend.

  3. We have neighbors we're closer to than others and we often find these dear people coming to sit with us on the front porch. We so enjoy the front porch! Fred especially. The porch was one of the things that sold me on this house. One young couple across the street have two little girls, Samantha, 41/2 and Amber, 2. When Sam was small she'd see Fred on the porch and yell "HI CLOUD!" She knows his name now and will make herself at home when she's here, telling me "Louise, I want a drink of water and some bread & butter". Her folks try to discourage her from asking but I've told them to leave her be, if she feels that comfortable here, it's a blessing for us.