Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Friday dear ones. May this find you all safe, warm and well. As you know, I've not posted in a while, just haven't had much to say. I'd attempt to write and the words just sounded ... well, they didn't sound like anything I'd want to publish so I didn't. I'm learning that when you don't have anything to say, don't.

We are well, thank the good Lord. Fred is doing better physically but having a challenge with the gray days. He doesn't do well in winter. Now if we could take off for Florida for a few months, as friends of ours do, that might help. However, when you have responsibilities and people to help take care of, that limits one's ability to pack up and leave. And to be honest, I don't think I'd want to be away from our church family for too long a time either. We need one another and fellow-shipping long distance is a challenge. There's just something special about walking into your church home, being greeted by people who know you and love you, that makes our walk here so much easier. I gain strength each time I walk into church. Each hug and smile means so much to me.

We have one dear saint, 85 years old and always smiling. She has told me numerous times that she actually looks for me to walk in the door, because then she'll know I'm alright and thus, she's alright too. She makes my day each and every time I see her. She gardens and walks every day she can, but is a firm believer that you rest on the Sabbath. Maybe that's why she's lived to be a healthy 85.

Our church Christmas dinner is this evening. The Southgate High School chorus will be singing for us again this year. It's an opportunity for us to welcome these kids and let them know their gifts are appreciated. A time of fellowship and of course, food. Isn't it wonderful that the Lord is pleased when we meet in His Name, to enjoy the blessings He's given? Our fellowship here will never, ever end. What an inspiring truth that is. We will grow and flourish together, under His watchful, caring eye for all eternity.
May your day be blessed and your needs be met in Him. I dearly love and appreciate each of you.


  1. Wonderful Louise. What you say about the church family is so true and fewer people are feeling this these days.I 'm glad you had to say such a positive thing about your church.very few people talk about their churches on blogs.
    People are forming home groups or just worshipping at home...its happening in my country too.
    This will encourage others so much

  2. Dear Amrita, we so need our brothers and sisters in Christ and I am truly thankful for our home church and the people it holds. I am thankful too for you, and others who read our blogs, for it they are saved by the blood of Christ, they are brothers and sisters too.
    God bless you!