Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayer Need

Dear Friends,  I received this today from a friend...some of you know him. His sister Lori is in a local hospital .. the John that's mentioned is Lori's husband.

"As far as my sister, she went unconscious last night in the hospital and her heart stopped. They got it going again thank the Lord, and they put her on a ventilator to keep her breathing. They medicated her heavily last night so she would not fight and try to pull out the tubes and IV's. We will keep praying until He gets the glory out of this. I know something good is gonna happen, the drs are amazed that she has lasted this long. Also be praying for my mother as well as this is very hard on her.

Please have your church pray tomorrow. There is power in agreement of many brothers and sisters.

Also be praying for John he really needs a personal encounter with the Father.  John needs to know HIM personally and not just mentally or generally. He needs to know who is he is, Christ,  and what authority he has in prayer."
Thank you all!


  1. Yes Louise, they have been on my heart too. I will continue to keep them in prayer.

  2. I know that God uses all for his glory. The Lord will reveal himself to John...I pray that he is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and surrenders completely.
    Praying for Lori, her Mom and the whole family.