Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I finished the book "Who Are You To Judge" this morning and my thoughts are even stronger than when I first opened its pages. Every Christian needs to read this book.

Here are more quotes:

"False teachers are driven by their desires and by their greed. People want to hear what pleases them; they will not want to have their sin exposed, but will listen only to those with whom their desires agree. They will set themselves up as their own standard and then find someone to validate them." Page 60

"We are so afraid of being accused of discrimination that we have forgotten that we are to be discriminating."

"Today the enemy is within our gates." Page 61 for both these quotes

"Let it be clearly said that if we want to find the devil in America we must begin by looking behind the pulpits of America; it is in the church and not in the world that the devil does his most deceptive work. Truth mixed with error is sometimes more deadly than errror all by itself." Page 68

"We must keep in mind that the Jesus we want is not necessarily the Jesus we need......
How do we detect this 'other Jesus'? " As you watch and listen to a pastor, evangelist, or prophet, ask: Is the preaching of the Cross central to his ministry? Does he emphasize the need for repentance, holiness and submission to God? Does he preach a Jesus who calls us to suffer, with the promise that He will walk with us through the suffering? Or does he present a Jesus whose primary function is to give us the blessing of heaven right now?" Page 94

"Paul's message and authority came from God; those of his detractors came from Satan. He argued that the marks of a true prophet are suffering and hardship, not health and wealth. Even Jesus did not change the world through miracles but through His suffering." Page 107

"I have often wished that faith healers would look into the television cameras and say to their audience, It is better to be holy than to be healed."

"We are never more like the devil than when we lie." Page 245

Folks, I encourage you once again to get this book, read it prayerfully and see for yourself how much we need discernment in the body of Christ.

May the Lord bless you as we journey toward Home.



  1. excellent post Loiuse.

    We must keep in mind that the Jesus we want is not necessarily the Jesus we need......
    This is so true.

    Some TV preachers have confused Christians in India too

  2. Thanks again, Louise. I'll be looking for my copy today! And I've bookmarked the Paul Washer videos to watch on youtube also. Your reviews have been a blessing to me. (((Hugs)))
    ~ teresa

  3. Oh, I found this on youtube where you can continue to find more of his videos too...