Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Ones, I've not fallen off the earth. Just busy with other things. I have been checking up on your posts however.

Today was my first day back as co-teacher in our children's class at church. I will be teaching once every two weeks and I'm concentrating on getting the children to memorize Scripture. Our verse today is "Your Word I have hidden in my heart that I might not sin against You. Psalm 119:11" I gave examples of how we hide God's words in our hearts ... by reading the verse we want to learn again and again ... by writing the verse again and again ... by applying it to our lives ... by repeating it through-out the day ... by posting it on the fridge or other place where you'll see it daily.

We so need to know God's Word ourselves and to teach it, when we can, to little ones. We live in a day when just about anything goes in Christian circles and I find that sad and scary and it even makes me angry. Take music for example ....I don't believe there's such a thing as "Christian rap" ... how dare we take the music that basically feeds our flesh, add some 'christian' words and call it "Christian"? Weren't the Israelite people given strict instructions on worship? Were Aaron's sons not killed by God for offering strange fire? Who do we think we are? We've been grafted in, we're not His first choice as children; and yet many today live no differently than the world. We look like them, we act like them, we talk like them. For many the only difference is we go to church and they don't.

I know it sounds like I'm ranting and perhaps I am. But I'm tired of what I see ... in the news ... on TV ... now on Facebook ... people who say they're Christian using gutter language (or the abbreviations) and being offended that I object to it. Something's wrong here.

I become weary of TV 'preachers' and others fleecing God's people and I'm tired of God's people falling for it. I read recently of a man who had opportunity to sit with one of the well-known TV evangelists. The TV guy said to this regular guy "Why not sow $100 into my ministry?" Regular guy responds "No!" "Why not? God will give you a $1,000 return for sowing seed into this work." Again the answer "No!" The third time the TV person asks for money with a promise of a 10-fold return the regular guy looks at him and says "Then why don't YOU sow the money into your ministry? You'll be making more than I can give you." A dumb-founded look came upon the TV guy's face and he couldn't respond. That so makes sense to me.

As tired as I am of all this I'm reminded in the Bible (Matthew) that God knows that the enemy has sown tares with the wheat and tells the field hands to leave them alone, that in due time, His angels will come and do the sifting. So I leave it in His capable hands, and take time to examine ME to make sure I'm where I'm supposed to be and leave them all to Him.

Hold fast your confession my friends, test all things, and remember that we're just pilgrims and Home is in view. Thanks for reading.



  1. I get where you're coming from... however, the music, I think that people want people want the Word of God to be relevant to their lives. How many times a song has given me the words of my heart when the rest of me can't seem to find them in worship. If people look at Christians as these weirdos who only listen to music that sounds like 'how great thou art" (By the Way, I love that song!!) but its not really what they enjoy, do you think they will listen to it? Or will they proclaim they are a Christian and fill their lives with garbage music. Isn't it better than people like Toby Mac are wrapping scripture or Hillsong or Hillsong United are filling our hearts with the greatness of God? While I may not always like the old hymns, I appreciate them and find God's glory in them, and so even though I don't necessarily like rap, I am thankful that it fills my kids with the Word of God instead of that other 'stuff' that's played on the radio.

    And... I totally respect that you feel the way you do, I believe that things of the past need to be respected and honored (meaning music)

  2. Test all things...Bro. Bill always told us that. So, that is what I do. If it goes against my's out of here but I am one of those Christians that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are Sins and I am finding that plenty of Christians drink and smoke. Are they going to Hell? No, but I would... because they are my convictions. Music, though I don't like Rap and a lot of this LOUD worship that is going on. If it draws others to the Lord then I don't question it... I just choose not to listen.
    Love you Weezy!