Sunday, January 17, 2010

This prayer need came from my sister Pat. Wanda is her close friend and Wanda's son Eddie is in Afghanistan. Please keep this young man and all our military in your prayers. Thank you.

"Eddie just called. He is a Gunny (Gunnery) Sergeant and is an operations chief of a company of Marines. He is over a truck company. I hate that, because he will be out on the roads, where they plant bombs.
He didn't know where he was and he doesn't know where he is going. His troops have not come in yet but when they do they will not be coming from his base in North Carolina. He is at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. That is all he knew. I had hoped he was in supply but instead he is over 300 plus troops that will be patroling roads and going into homes.

He said as soon as the troops arrive that he will not be able to call. So far he has been able to communicate by facebook and phone. After his men get there it will be awhile before anyone will hear from him. I looked up where he is on the computer and it is awful.
Pray for him, please.
Wanda "

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  1. Praying for Wanda and her Boy. God be with all of our troops.
    Love you Weezy!