Thursday, June 18, 2009

I copied this from Amrita's blog, written June 17; please pray for the needs of her sister Namrita that are given here:

"Since the past one week Namrita has been having severe migraines.She cannot cope without painkillers.She has a slight swelling on her head too.A doctor said it could be an injury which she concurredas a child and is now resurfacing.She feels very weak and ill.Cannot bear noise .She has to go to Guwahati in Assamfor MRI tests and consultation witha neurologist.She will travel with her husband on Sunday.The proceedings will begin on Monday.My dear baby sister has had many struggles of her own.Her name means "gentleness" which is included in Gal. 5 fruit of the Spirit list. Namrita is an excellent home maker and teacher, very much loved and respected in her community and school. Pray for healing, correct medical intervention, spiritual comfort and strength".


  1. Thank you so much Louise. We really appreciate all the prayers of God 's people.

    Hope you are feeling well

  2. Will be praying. I didn't know JC passed away. I am so sad right now. I wanted to make sure you got my email about homeschooling a couple of days ago.