Thursday, April 2, 2009

Please pray for my Mom's neighbor Madelyn. She's having her right breast removed tomorrow due to cancer; also pray for her sister Mary. These precious sisters are in their 70's and have always shared a home and one would be lost without the other.

Also, please pray for Sam Hancock who lives in Indiana, he had a severe heart attack yesterday.

Thank you!


  1. Lord ... please be with Madelyn as she recovers from her surgery. I pray the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer! And give her sweet sister a peace and courage to be brave as Madelyn recovers. Bless them both.

    Lord Please be with Sam as he suffers through his heart attack ordeal. I pray he knows you personally. May he receive your healing touch.

    In Jesus name ... Amen

  2. I remember these precious sisters.
    I will be praying.