Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Sunday morning my friends. I have just read all your blogs and wanted to leave a short note before getting ready for church. We have been blessedly busy with grand-girls and a big grand-pup, thus the slowness in posting anything lately. Hopefully, I shall get back tonight and give you up-to-the minute updates on our lives.

You are all in my thoughts and I consider myself blessed to 'know' you through your writings.

May this day be blessed in ways unimaginable.


  1. Miss you Weezy... Glad to hear from you!!!

  2. There are things in life that take priority over blogging...but you are always loved and missed.
    I love the family photos, they are so precious.

  3. You are so busy, but it is nice to see another post from you, Louise! I'm glad you have been "blessedly busy." That is the best kind of busy-ness and should come before blogging any day!

  4. blogging is only for the times when there's nothing better, and grand girls and pups are definitely better! love you!