Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I read a book this evening, "The Listener" by Terri Blackstock. It's in a 2-novel book titled "Miracles" and I strongly recommend it to anyone reading this post. The story deals with a Christian man who is given a gift of being able to hear what's going on in someones soul. He's able, for two weeks, to hear what God hears.
This book has left me feeling inadequate but challenged. I am asking God to change me .. to make me into who He wants me to be. To take me out of my comfort zones and allow me to tell others about the greatest gift ever given ... Jesus Christ.
I've been in the church for over 25 years but after reading this book I ask myself, "what fruit have I borne?" What legacy am I writing with my life? What jewels will I have in my crown one day?
Oh, Father in heaven, change me for Your glory and the advancement of Your Kingdom.
Change those who read this post. Take away our fear of witnessing. Give me and others reading this power through Your Holy Spirit to tell others on a daily basis about their need of a Savior. Give us ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying and make us obedient children who more than anything wish to honor their Father. Make us Salt and Light!


  1. I will get the book the next time I go to the Family Christian Store.
    Yes, Lord may we be BOLD, Strong and Fearless witnesses of Your Power and Love!

  2. Sobering questions, Louise. That sounds like an excellent book.

  3. I agree with my sister in Jesus Name! Amen.
    Thank you for that prayer:)

  4. This bookj sounds really good, if I could get it here I would definitely read it.