Monday, October 15, 2007

Meet "Buster"

I'd like you to meet the oldest of our grand-dogs, Buster, or B-boy as I call him. He'll be 13 in February and he's one of sweetest animals I've had the privilege to know. He is kind and gentle and loving and he has also been the 'worrier' and protector among our grand-pups.
We had a scare with him yesterday. Fred & I arrived home from church and soon after our son Shawn was at the house, telling us B-boy might have to be put down. B was having trouble walking and standing and wasn't eating well. I immediately walked down the street to see my old friend. I am so thankful the kids live just down the street from us. Jane & the girls were crying, thinking this might be our last day with him. I found my friend lying in the family room floor, looking so tired and sad. I sat next to him and gently patted his head, drawing close to his face to tell him I loved him. After a bit, Fred & I brought the girls to our home and Shawn & Jane took B-boy to the emergency vet. We were thinking we'd never see him again this side of heaven.
After a long afternoon of waiting, Shawn called to tell us that ex-rays showed no damage to B's spine and most likely, he had a pinched nerve that caused the inability to walk. Med's were given and he was brought home. The girls were so excited to learn their boy was coming home. At one point they both realized they had lived their whole lives with this dog. He & Sam had been there when Stef & Erica came home from the hospital as new-borns. Buster is the over-seer of the children and would literally step in-between anyone trying to get to the girls. In his younger years he went through a screen door to protect my niece from someone he thought would hurt her.
I am relieved and happy to report that B-boy is up and walking and eating today. He's moving slowly, but hey, aren't we all? He met Fred at the back door earlier this evening. I thank God for giving us just a bit more time with this loving dog.
Fred told Shawn yesterday to enjoy and make the most of each day with our friend, because at his age, he's living on borrowed time. Then I realized, most humans are too.
So to you I say, make the most of each day. If you are a child of God, you could be called Home or Jesus could return at any time. Don't leave important things unfinished if at all possible. As I did with B-boy, get close and tell people you love 'em. Write an email, make a phone call, send a card. Smile! Don't frown at folks unless you're sure a smile is not to be found. I'm amazed at the power of a smile to lighten some one's day. Slow down and enjoy the little bitty things that seem so mundane we do them without thinking. Be grateful for what you can do and don't fret over what you can't. Laugh with friends and be there when they need to cry. Just do your darned best to LIVE the precious life God has given to each of us!
Blessings to you all. Thanks for reading. Thanks for being my friends. You are special people in my life and I appreciate each one of you. Those I don't know yet, just think of the reunion we'll have in heaven if we never meet here!


  1. Glad your Grand-doggy is feeling
    Thank you for reminding me how
    important to make the most of everyday!
    I love you

  2. Ok, I just read this post after the one above and again, you have "blown" me away with your words. How awesome. Glad B-dog is better. We lost ours a few years ago and honestly life has never been the same. You are also so right about a smile. No matter what I am going through I try to give everyone the smile I think Jesus wants them to have for that particular day. Life is SO fragile. We have to handle it with so much care and love!

  3. Thank you friends for your kind words. B-boy means so much to us. Over the years I have walked him more than anyone else in the family; Fred & I have doggy-sat more than anyone else. We can learn so much from our pets if we'll but take the time and listen.