Saturday, September 22, 2007

Making memories

Forget the lists, today was a day to make memories. Stef & Erica spent the night with us last night and today was filled with things they wanted to do. I was awakened at 8:00 to the sound of two little girls playing with Care Bears ... bears who talk. I quietly went into their room & shushed them because their Papa was still sleeping. We three then headed downstairs for Cheerios, the breakfast of champions, and Grandma's who have no other cereal in the house. Erica volunteered to wash the dishes and then volunteered Stef to dry them. Good girl. They got their baths, got dressed and after a few minutes of HGTV we went to the basement for crafts and sewing.

They painted on the saucers we're going to use to make wind-chimes. We got the idea at the Wyandotte street fair this summer and while ours won't look exactly like the ones we saw, they will be excellent none-the-less because they are the creative works of two of our girls. I did some alterations on Erica's Halloween costume...she's a mermaid this year. After learning that my sewing machine did not like the fabric, I ended up finishing it by hand. I am very glad I know how to sew and the girls have told me more than once "Gramma, you can fix anything."

We had lunch and the girls attempted to 'teach' their Papa some things pertaining to school lessons and he was not a good student. "Bad" as Stef said, he was just 'bad'. They helped him pull up tomato plants to put in the compost and then we had a snack on the front porch. They went with me to take Miss Oma to her sister's in Lincoln Park and once we got home, it was time for them to go home. Their Mama works tonight and wanted to spend time with them too.
Indeed, today was a day to forget all the lists. There just might come a day when our girls won't want to spend this much time with us and as Fred said "let's enjoy them while we can." Housework and all my to-do lists will wait. Little girls grow up. Play with them as long as you can. Sing silly songs and tell stories and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and have fudge-covered cookies for dessert as often as they want to. Relax and enjoy the trip and the people God has given us to travel with.
Thank you girls for making Gramma's day a wonder-filled one!


  1. Precious girls, precious days. Making memories is more important then anything else in life. When my grandsons were small, I could almost inhale the very presence of them, I loved them so much. Now they are men in college - time certainly does fly by, but each stage of their lives are wonderful!

  2. Tom and I feel exactly as you and "Fred" onre day they will
    be grown and we will long for
    their company.
    So, we make memories, ones we
    pray will last all of their days!

  3. you are a smart grandma and your girls are blessed indeed. i should warn you my boyz now feel free to show up to the nearest relative's house and shower whenever it's convenient.

  4. Thank you ladies for your kind comments. I learn from each of you. How neat that your boys are free enough to shower at a relative's Sara. Our girls, from the way they are now, would first head home, then to Gramma & Papa's to shower. It will be interesting to see them grow up.
    Sad in a way, but interesting.